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Law Office Website Design at Law Results:

A Targeted Approach

Like you, Law Results invests an extensive amount of time in discovery. We learn about your law office and what makes it unique. We ask you to participate in the process of creating a website that represents your law practice. The law office website design process includes:

  • First planning phone call
  • Definition of all website goals
  • Content hierarchy mapping
  • Labeling and organization to aid the user experience and findability
  • Internal research focused on how your customers will interact with your finalized website
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Even at this, a website needs more than appealing aesthetics. The website needs to work well to attract potential clients and drive form fills and telephone calls. This is where discovery comes in. We review trends within the legal community, likely lead demographics and usability data to better understand what is working.

When your ideas sync with our expert marketing analysis and professional website design, what we are left with is a fantastic-looking website that is custom-tuned to optimize conversions and improve the quality of the new cases your law firm signs.

Make your Case with a New Website

Law Web Design Agency

An impressive website allows you to make your case to potential law clients. You can showcase your law firm and convince people who need legal help why you should be the lawyer to handle their case.

Still, we need to be honest. A custom website design can be expensive. For example, if you want the website to help you acquire clients, you will need a customized website design with an array of law-specific widgets.

With more than 40 years of combined marketing experience, our team of digital marketing specialists has seen it all. As a result, we recognize the difference between an aesthetically pretty website and a well-crafted law office website design to deliver leads for our clients.

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